Management of the Hall

Knowle Village Hall is a charity which was constituted by a Deed of Conveyance on 5th May 1947, when the founding Trustees received the freehold of the land on which the village Hall was subsequently built.   This Deed provides that the charity shall be managed by a Committee of Management.

The present Management Committee are:-

Chairman                        Chris Gatter

Vice Chairman

Secretary                          Mandy Dickinson

Treasurer                         Nigel Lindsay-Fynn

Committee members    Julie Clark

                                          Jackie Cox

                                          Val Dobree

                                          Carol Harris                                        

                                          Pat Hayman

                                          Matt Healey

                                          Mary James

                                          Peter Manfield

                                          Fran Richardson

                                          Jo-Anne Watson

Representative from Budleigh Town Council  –  Tony Gooding

Booking officer             Jan Manfield


We are always looking for people who may be able to spare some time and lend a hand when the village hall hosts events for the village and for charity fundraising.  If you can offer your time to help, please get in touch.